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Gilwell Park - June 2017 (5 images)

Created: 11 Jul 17 13:45 | Last modified: 11 Jul 17 13:46

Donation of Books to Upton Cross (2 images)

We have been very lucky to receive a very large amount of books that have been donated to us by Mr S Hepden who is the CO of a book company in Greenwich. The books have been distributed throughout the school and the children are really enjoying the books- some children have even written special thank you letters on behalf of all of us at Upton Cross. ​

Created: 22 Feb 17 10:44 | Last modified: 22 Feb 17 10:45

Debating Competition (1 images)

Last half term, a selection of debaters across our two sites took part in a national debating competition. The competition was held at our school with just under 200 children and adults arriving to debate on the night. Our teams did a fantastic job and we won 5 out of the 8 debates that took part on the night, meaning we are through to the next round in March. Our debaters are practicing very hard to ensure they do equally (if not better) in our next competition! Well done debaters!

Created: 22 Feb 17 10:40 | Last modified: 22 Feb 17 10:42

E13 Cup - Football Semi-Finals (3 images)

Our yr 5 and 6 girls are through to the semi-finals of the E13 cup. Girls of the match were Soraia and Nadia.

Created: 26 Jan 17 10:51 | Last modified: 26 Jan 17 10:52

Cornwall Residential - Sept 2016 (23 images)

In September, 30 of our Year 5 and 6 children visited Cornwall for one week. They boarded a train and set off to Liskeard in Cornwall for 5 days packed full of fun and adventure. After the majority of Monday was spent travelling, everyone arrived in Cornwall tired out after their journey but eager for what adventures were to unfold in the week ahead. There was no time to spare, we were we quickly whisked away to Upton Cross Primary School where we explored the school grounds and their local area.

Created: 12 Oct 16 16:46 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 11:17

Year 6 - V&A Museum visit (13 images)

The children went to the V&A museum on the 27th of June to investigate Islamic patterns. From this they have created their own Islamic patterns using geometric shapes and Arabic writing. The children learnt that Islamic patterns avoid figurative images such as humans and animals and they tend to include geometric designs which are often build on combinations of repeated squares and circles, which may be overlapped to form intricate and complex patterns which include a wide variety of tessellations. The children then created tessellations using 2D shapes.

Created: 5 Jul 16 11:06 | Last modified: 5 Jul 16 11:07

Year 6 - Athletics Competitions (4 images)

Created: 1 Jul 16 11:25 | Last modified: 1 Jul 16 11:26

Gilwell Park Residential (6 images)

Last week 43 children from year 5 and 6 went on a residential trip to Gilwell Park. During the week the children conquered their fears, took part in team building activities and enjoyed a variety of outdoor tasks and challenges. The children thoroughly enjoyed their extended time away from school where they had to build on their independence and resilience to succeed.

Created: 17 Jun 16 13:00 | Last modified: 17 Jun 16 13:02

Debate Mate Cup Final (7 images)

On Monday 25th April, 11 of our Y5 and 6 debators attended a Debate Mate Cup Final at Westminster University in Central London. Many primary schools, from across London, attended the competition where a number of motions were debated. Both teams did a fantastic job winning all of their debates, with one of the teams reaching the final. The motion for the final debate was 'This House Would Ban Homework.' Our debaters did an amazing job, debating under great pressure and in front of a huge audience. They received a place as runners up and received a medal for their hard work.

Created: 26 Apr 16 13:03 | Last modified: 26 Apr 16 13:03

Debating Competition at the Houses of Parliament (4 images)

On Thursday 11th February, 9 debaters from Year 5 and 6 attended a competition at the Houses of Parliament. They took part in two unprepared debates around the motions: 'Homework should be banned' and 'Sugar should be banned'. Both our teams did amazingly well and won both debates. We will let you know our position out of all of the primary schools when the league table is published. We also received a special mention from debating fan Daniel Radcliffe, otherwise known as 'Harry Potter'. You can see his personal message in the photo. Well done again to all those involved in the Upton Cross Debating Society.

Created: 12 Feb 16 14:31 | Last modified: 12 Feb 16 14:34

Year 5 and 6 - Christmas Family Trip (6 images)

On Thursday 10th December, a group of Year 5 and 6 teachers, parents and children made their way to Regents Street in central London for a Christmas Family Trip. They took a leisurely stroll down Regents Street, looking at the Christmas festive lights. We even saw Santa on his travels! They finally ended up at the world famous toy shop, Hamleys. There was time for some Christmas shopping before we sat down for some food at a local MacDonald's! Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

Created: 14 Dec 15 13:58 | Last modified: 14 Dec 15 14:02

Rugby World Cup 2015 (2 images)

A selection of children from year 5 and 6 took part in a trip to celebrate the Rugby World Cup on its nationwide tour. They took part in a Rugby World Cup quiz, asked ex-professional rugby players questions and also got to meet the official mascot for the Rugby World Cup 2015. To top the visit off, they had a brief tour of West Ham's football ground.

Created: 9 Oct 15 10:04 | Last modified: 9 Oct 15 10:06