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Year 4 Science Workshop (4 images)

Year 4 took part in a science workshop about states of matter. They worked with scientist James Boffin to conduct some experiments to explore how materials change their state. The children enjoyed being scientists for the day and it was a great way to introduce them to the topic.

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Year 4 LSO trip to the Barbican (1 images)

On Thursday 5th July, students from Chestnut and Hawthorn went to the Barbican to perform alongside 7 other East London primary schools in a special event. The concert was the culmination of a year-long project that our year 4 children have completed with the London Symphony Orchestra. Both classes sang and Hawthorn students also shared an instrumental piece they composed about their imagined beast, the terrifying ‘Hammergator’.

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Theatre Royal in Stratford (1 images)

On Wednesday 11th July, our year 4 children from both sites went to the Theatre Royal in Stratford to watch and take part in a special concert curated and delivered by Newham Music. As part of the event, a full orchestra performed renditions of Mars from Holst's 'The Planets' as well as a medley of pieces composed by John Williams, including scores from blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, ET, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Harry Potter! The children also got to perform with the orchestra, singing the songs that they had been practising over the last half-term. These included This Is Me from the 'The Greatest Showman' soundtrack, a mash-up of Uptown Funk, We Will Rock You and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and 'Wherever We Go (Hayalla Makaan)', a bilingual piece co-written by students from Newham and Lebanon in both English and Arabic. The event was hugely inspiring a fitting, thrilling finale to an exciting year of musical events for the school and borough!

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Year 4 Anglo Saxon workshop (3 images)

On Tuesday 20th February, the year 4 children received an extra special visit courtesy of the Museum of London. Edith, a young Anglo-Saxon woman and her husband, a Viking named Vigulfr, gave us an insight into what life was like for these groups of settlers in Britain at the time. As part of the workshop the children watched and participated in reenactments of ancient battles and tales from Norse mythology, as well as exploring artefacts and tools from the era. They enjoyed it thoroughly and were surprised to learn that many English words we use today were first used by the Vikings!

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London Symphony Orchestra (2 images)

On Friday 24th November, Hazel class in Year 4 enjoyed an extra special visit by 3 musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra. They taught them how to play 3 of the main rhythms of a mambo, which is a dance from central America. They brought it all together for an exclusive performance, which they shared with Poplar class. The following Friday, Hazel class went to the Barbican to perform alongside the LSO again, this time singing 'America' from the musical West Side Story alongside schoolchildren from across London. They also got to watch orchestral renditions of many of the hits from the musical, learning about the unique role each instrument plays in conveying the action and atmosphere of the production. The LSO will return to Upton Cross later in the year to work with other Year 4 children from both sites.

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ART MATTERS - UEL Docklands (8 images)

Some of our Year 4 pupils work has been displayed in the ART MATTERS exhibition at the UEL Docklands campus. Their work was displayed next too other Primary Schools, Secondary schools and colleges from Newham. Miss Beavis and Mr Hall took the selected pupils to see their work at the exhibition on 10th July 2017. The work on display were monoprints inspired by the work of Kandinsky, they used music to inspire their marks and colours. The children were very excited to see their work on display and took inspiration form the other work they saw. The children have worked very hard on their work this year and it was nice to see them see their work with peers from across the borough

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Year 4 Business Enterprise Day at the Virgin Money Management Office (5 images)

A group of 15 Y4 children from across our two sites attended a Business Enterprise Day at Virgin Money Management Offices in Piccadilly. They were given a real life problem to solve and had to use their communication, problem solving and information processing skills to successfully complete the challenge. The challenge took place in a bank that was designed like an aeroplane. All the children had a wonderful time and even stopped off to look at a famous landmark in London on their way home. Can you guess which landmark it was?​

Created: 23 Feb 17 11:42 | Last modified: 23 Feb 17 11:42

Year 4 Visit the HQS Wellington Boat (3 images)

Year 4 recently visited the HQS Wellington boat which is moored on the River Thames. The Wellington was a great boat that sailed through trade routes, protecting Britain throughout WW2. Whilst Year 4 were there, they used their Enquiry skills to learn about trade between different countries and used their Creative skills to recreate what life was like on the boat during the 1930s and 1940s. 

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Donation of Books to Upton Cross (2 images)

We have been very lucky to receive a very large amount of books that have been donated to us by Mr S Hepden who is the CO of a book company in Greenwich. The books have been distributed throughout the school and the children are really enjoying the books- some children have even written special thank you letters on behalf of all of us at Upton Cross. ​

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Year 4 Trip to The British Library (6 images)

On the week beginning Monday 3rd October, Year 4 hopped on the Hammersmith & City Line to the British Library. We discovered just how grand and important the British Library is. We also got the opportunity to develop our research and enquiry skills. The British Library is ideal for research because it contains artefacts and items from centuries ago and all over the world. Adults and children alike had a fun and interesting time and many said that they’ll definitely be going back.

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Year 4 visit Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre (14 images)

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Year 4 - Science and Sound Workshop (13 images)

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Year 4 - Indoor PE (12 images)

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Year 4's Scheherezade performance (14 images)

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