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Ancient Egypt (3 images)

Year 3 visited the British Museum where they learnt more about Ancient Egypt and the process of mummification

Created: 27 Apr 18 16:02 | Last modified: 27 Apr 18 16:03

London Zoo (9 images)

Year 3 have been covering animals in their Science lessons, looking at skeletons and animal diets. They then had a wonderful trip to London Zoo to the real life animals.

Created: 22 Mar 18 11:30 | Last modified: 22 Mar 18 11:33

Year 3 Library trip (2 images)

In the Autumn term we visited Green Street library. We learnt that not only can we borrow a variety of books from the library, we can also use computers to go on Bug Club and My Maths. The library also runs lots of exciting classes that we can attend. For example, taekwondo!

Created: 27 Feb 18 13:19 | Last modified: 27 Feb 18 13:19

Year 3 History (4 images)

In History we have been learning about settlements during the Stone Age. We used building blocks to analyse and rebuild Stonehenge. By doing this, we learnt that towards the end of the Stone Age, settlements become more permanent.

Created: 27 Feb 18 13:17 | Last modified: 27 Feb 18 13:18

Year 3 trip to the Museum of London 2018 (4 images)

Year 3 have been learning all about history and this half term they really enjoyed their trip to the Museum Of London.

Created: 24 Jan 18 10:39 | Last modified: 24 Jan 18 10:40

Aspen Class DT (4 images)

In DT we have been looking at packaging and how effective they are. We thought about target audiences and how to make it attractive whilst also making it strong enough to hold the product. Here are some of our final pieces.

Created: 15 Dec 17 08:45 | Last modified: 15 Dec 17 08:45

Year 3 Swimming (2 images)

This term year 3 enjoyed 2 weeks of swimming at Olympic Pool in Stratford.

Created: 15 Dec 17 08:39 | Last modified: 15 Dec 17 08:43

Year 3 Trip to the Chelsea Physic Garden (4 images)

In Year 3 children have been learning about plants in Science. They had a great opportunity to visit Chelsea Physic Gardens where they had learnt about how plants play a key role in everyday life.

Created: 11 Jul 17 13:55 | Last modified: 11 Jul 17 13:59

Year 3 visit the Museum of London - June 17 (5 images)

Created: 19 Jun 17 09:03 | Last modified: 19 Jun 17 16:04

Donation of Books to Upton Cross (2 images)

We have been very lucky to receive a very large amount of books that have been donated to us by Mr S Hepden who is the CO of a book company in Greenwich. The books have been distributed throughout the school and the children are really enjoying the books- some children have even written special thank you letters on behalf of all of us at Upton Cross. ​

Created: 22 Feb 17 10:44 | Last modified: 22 Feb 17 10:45

Year 3 Swimming at the Aquatics Centre (2 images)

Year three have been swimming at the Aquatics centre for two weeks. Children have been learning life saving skills as well as improving their swimming skills. Some of the more confident swimmers had the opportunity to swim in the Olympic Pool! Year three would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents that came along, we wouldn't have been able to go without your continued support.

Created: 30 Jan 17 16:28 | Last modified: 2 Feb 17 13:03

Year 2 and 3 Visit Green Street Library - Oct 2016 (9 images)

Birch, Willow, Beech and Maple class visited Green Street Library during the week commencing 10th October 2016. They had a session familiarising themselves with how the library works and the activities you can do at the library. This includes reading competitions, arts and crafts, dancing and chess club. They then had a chance to browse and read a wide range of books, and were able to borrow some books to take home.

Created: 20 Oct 16 10:17 | Last modified: 20 Oct 16 10:18

Year 3 - Treasure Island performance (18 images)

Year 3 performed the classic 'Treasure Island' to parents and children from the school. They were involved in making the sets and the costumes! Children had many songs and lines to learn.

Created: 11 May 16 13:08 | Last modified: 11 May 16 13:09

Family Week (7 images)

This week, the parents of Year 3 children were invited to take part in the children's learning and observe the learning environment. Parents were very complimentary of the practice taking place and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning alongside their parents.

Created: 25 Apr 16 09:22 | Last modified: 3 May 16 10:13

Synagogue visit (5 images)

In January Year 3 went to the synagogue in St Johns Wood. The children really enjoyed looking at a different place of worship and looked at the similarities and differences to their own religion.

Created: 25 Apr 16 13:30 | Last modified: 25 Apr 16 13:31

Science in Year 3! (6 images)

In science we learnt about animals and humans. We looked at the digestive system and the journey that our food goes through. We then demonstrated what happens using crackers, orange juice, tights, cups and sandwich bags. We also thought about what happens inside our body when we exercise and compared our running times with Usain Bolt!

Created: 25 Apr 16 11:12 | Last modified: 25 Apr 16 11:13

Museum of London visit (5 images)

As part of their History learning on The Romans in April, Year 3 visited the Museum of London. In the gallery, the children saw some interesting objects, maps, paintings and sculptures which told them about the Romans. They also enjoyed a workshop from an expert, who showed them what life was like in those times and even taught them some Latin!

Created: 25 Apr 16 09:17 | Last modified: 25 Apr 16 09:20

Our carrot cars! (6 images)

In PSHE Birch class made cars out of carrots! We had to work together to design, create and test our cars. We raced all the cars to see which one was most successful. This lesson was really fun because we got to make things and worked in groups.

Created: 25 Apr 16 09:06 | Last modified: 25 Apr 16 09:15

Young authors get published! (6 images)

Created: 22 Oct 15 13:34 | Last modified: 22 Oct 15 13:35