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Parents' Letters

Autumn 2017-2018


Curriculum Maps

Autumn 2017-2018






Year 2 Science Museum (7 images)

Year 2 visited the Science museum during the Autumn Term.

Created: 15 Dec 17 10:19 | Last modified: 15 Dec 17 10:20

Year 2 Visit the National Maritime Museum (5 images)

Year 2 trip to the National Maritime Museum to support their work in History.

Created: 11 Jul 17 14:13 | Last modified: 11 Jul 17 14:14

Lego Science Workshop (3 images)

Our Year 2 children attendance a Science workshop where they had a selection of Lego bricks and electricity equipment enabling them to design, build and light up an entire city made of Lego bricks. They built tall buildings, bridges, roads, parks and railways and they used bulbs, batteries, wires and switches to bring their creations alive.

Created: 26 May 17 11:13 | Last modified: 26 May 17 11:14

Donation of Books to Upton Cross (2 images)

We have been very lucky to receive a very large amount of books that have been donated to us by Mr S Hepden who is the CO of a book company in Greenwich. The books have been distributed throughout the school and the children are really enjoying the books- some children have even written special thank you letters on behalf of all of us at Upton Cross. ​

Created: 22 Feb 17 10:44 | Last modified: 22 Feb 17 10:45

KS1 SATs Meeting Powerpoint (27 images)

A powerpoint from the SATs meeting that we held on Tuesday 7th February 2017.

Created: 3 Feb 17 11:25 | Last modified: 3 Feb 17 11:28

Year 2 Visit the Gurdwara - Jan 2017 (3 images)

Created: 2 Feb 17 13:14 | Last modified: 2 Feb 17 13:18

Year 2 Visit the Science Museum - 30/11/16 (11 images)

We went to the Science Museum on the 30/11/16 to visit the Pattern Pod, which is an interactive, fun exhibition at the museum, and the Materials Gallery. We had an interesting time and learnt a lot more about patterns, which we had been learning about in Maths. We also enjoyed wandering around the Materials Gallery as we have been learning about the topic in Science over the last two half terms. We were very sensible and had a great day.

Created: 26 Jan 17 10:37 | Last modified: 26 Jan 17 10:41

Year 2 and 3 Visit Green Street Library - Oct 2016 (9 images)

Birch, Willow, Beech and Maple class visited Green Street Library during the week commencing 10th October 2016. They had a session familiarising themselves with how the library works and the activities you can do at the library. This includes reading competitions, arts and crafts, dancing and chess club. They then had a chance to browse and read a wide range of books, and were able to borrow some books to take home.

Created: 20 Oct 16 10:17 | Last modified: 20 Oct 16 10:18

Santa's On Strike Performance (7 images)

Created: 11 Jan 16 11:59 | Last modified: 11 Jan 16 11:59

Science Museum visit (7 images)

Created: 11 Jan 16 11:55 | Last modified: 11 Jan 16 11:56